• couple of new ones

    From Jimmy Anderson@454:1/1 to All on Thu Aug 9 21:26:00 2018

    Well - new to me, anyway. :-)

    Was invited to a friend's house last night and
    we played Istanbul the Dice Game and then Roll
    Player. Awesome time!

    We're planning to do an escape room for 'her'
    birthday (it was a couple - man and his wife).
    We have a room booked Sunday afternoon. I've
    dont TWO escape rooms before - both were a
    TON of fun!!!

    They are wanting to try an RPG - they haven't
    role-played in a long LONG time. I'm an
    experienced GM for the FFG Star Wars system
    using the narrative dice. Next time we go
    over I plan to take it and at least teach

    Also - my wife is wanting to get Gaslands back
    to the table, but with more than just the two
    of us, so we plan to take that as well. She's
    also learned Ticket to Ride and is ready to
    play a four player game of that.

    ... OF COURSE I'm on topic! (Which conference is this?)
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