• Microsoft Viva

    From Mike Powell@454:3/105 to ALL on Fri Dec 30 10:14:00 2022
    At work, we use Office 365 which, of course, includes Outlook 365 which we
    use for our office email.

    Each morning, I receive at least one message from a service called
    Microsoft Viva. Apparently Outlook looks through my calendar for that day
    and then tries to match up meetings with emails I have received, and this message tells me what it has found. Also, once a week, I will get a second email that usually includes some brief facts about how long it takes me to answer emails, on average, and additional info about the days I have the
    most meetings, etc.

    At the bottom, there is a link where I can opt out.

    Right under that is a note that says the following:

    For people in Canada:
    This is a mandatory service communication.

    Then it gives them a link where they can adjust their settings for "other communications."

    I am curious as to why, if I were in Canada, these messages from Microsoft
    are mandatory? I am assuming there is some law behind it. I thought it
    was an odd message. :)


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