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    Bug-fix: Don't use the "current user" record (sbbs_t::useron var) for
    anything in msgtoqwk() since in the case of packing REP packets for QWK networking, there is no "current user" and this led to a bug where
    (at least sometimes, in some scenarios) the REP packet would be created in
    QWK Extended (QWKE) mode leading to other problems on the hub. QWKE mode
    is not needed for Synchronet/QWKnet since we have the HEADERS.DAT file
    which covers all the header fields otherwise "fixed" via QWKE kludge lines.
    If the QWKnet account on the Synchronet hub was not configured for QWKE
    mode, then QWKE kludge lines (e.g. "Subject:") could be interpretted as
    body text and other kludge lines (e.g. @VIA, @TZ, etc.) would not be parsed
    and removed from the imported body text, leading to extraneous metadata in QWK-networked messages. As a work-around for QWKnet nodes using existing versions of SBBS (without this fix), enable QWKE mode for your QWKnet acount
    on the hub (e.g. VERT).

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