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    From Deuce@454:1/1 to Cvs Commit on Sat May 28 10:16:00 2016
    exec/load ircd_unreg.js 1.38 1.39 ircd_user.js 1.44 1.45
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    ircd_unreg.js ircd_user.js
    Log Message:
    Various fixups with an eye to reducing latency and fixing ping timeouts

    1) Don't use socket.recvline() on non-blocking sockets. Instead, have
    the recvq object parse lines and receive 64k at a time.
    2) Pass all received data through the recvq object rather than attempt
    to process one command per recv().
    3) Pass all data sent on established connections through the sendq
    object rather than only use it if send() fails.
    4) Move client throttling completely into ircd_user.js and out of
    the queue processing function so we don't accidentally throttle
    server connections.
    5) send() the entire sendq contents as a single send() rather than one
    line per main loop.
    6) Parse the entire recvq each time through the main loop. This
    requires tracking when an unregistered connection is replaced by
    either a client or a server connection.

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