• Tips and Tricks II

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Sat Oct 17 11:28:30 2020
    Calling the score: you should always call the score just prior to serving. Your score comes
    first, the opponent's score second and the server number last. The serve should be made
    within 5 seconds or so after the score is called. Calling the score will alert the opponent
    that you are ready to serve.

    A good place to hit the ball to is the center of the ad side of the court. Hitting the ball hard
    doesn't usually give you any advantage against the good players. Placing the ball is
    generally a better tactic than hitting the ball hard. Hard hitters tend to give away points by
    hitting the net, or hitting the ball long or wide. Why not let your opponent make the

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