• Pickleball Clinics

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Sun Apr 11 15:24:36 2021
    My wife and I attended one of Lucy Kitcher's pickleball clinics several years ago. It was
    located at a Club Med location in Port Ste. Lucie, Florida.

    What a great experience! Because it was a Club Med location, it was all-inclusive.
    Meals, lodging, drinks of all kinds; at no additional expense.

    I remember my wife and I helping to teach Lucy the basics of pickleball. Well, she
    definitely ran with it and is now one of the top Pro players.

    We are hoping to see her and her husband at the US Open next week in Naples Florida.

    If you are interested in pickleball and would like to experience a Club Med trip, go to:
    https://lucykitcher.com/ to learn more.

    Mike Dippel
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