• Model Foam Clay?

    From Mike Powell@954:895/54 to ALL on Fri Mar 29 08:54:00 2024
    Does anyone have any experience using foam clay for modeling on dioramas or other "tierraforming" models?

    I have seen this product advertised as a lighter-weight alternative to
    regular clay and other molding products. Apparently some people use it for their cosplay costumes because of its lighter weight vs. similar products.

    I was just curious if anyone used it for modeling scenery, like mountain
    sides or small hills -- is it easy to work with and mold into shape, etc.?

    I am thinking of getting some to "round off" the tops of some large hills I have built out of foam board. Due to the shape of the boards, I can make
    cuts using my hot wire cutter to get good shapes to stack together and make hills, but the tops of all the hills are flat. ;)

    Mike P

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