From SirRonmit@954:895/45 to ALL on Fri Nov 10 07:54:45 2023
    So I finally got to play around with some resin this week.
    NAKED FUSION is the company and they claim the beginner kit is for us novices. Boy were they right!!

    I purchased a little DICE silicon mold just to play around with. I had some bubbles, but I've never messed with resin before, so I was happy there wasn't that many.

    I had watched plenty of YT videos about polishing the resin, so I was pricing those in case I wanted to wet-sand at a later date. However, this resin and the silicon mold made the dice look PERFECT! The faces were clear and shiny. Since I didn't add any colors or metal flake for the test, you could see right through the dice. I was in awe to say the least.

    I took them to work to show a couple co-workers and they wanted to know what I used because they said their resin doesn't do that and they do have to sand or use a pressure device to remove the bubbles.

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