• Re: Proposed Conference Changes

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/2 to SirRonmit on Fri Oct 6 16:58:30 2023
    On 06 Oct 2023, SirRonmit said the following...

    HNET_CRAFT_CUTTING_MACHINES sounds like it would be useful, but no

    I've had that in my setup for a LONG time, but I see 0 messages and when
    I click to POST, it doesn't do anything (won't allow me to post).

    Can someone send a general message within that area so I can see if I
    can poll it?

    I have a 42" Vinyl Cutter, but recently go into a Silouette Cameo 4 for smaller things, and found out it can do so much more that I've actually been having a blast with it.

    Timothy Norris aka SirRonmit

    Replying to your message in that conference area. Hopefully you receive this.

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