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    If you are looking for a great resource for anything beading beadwork crafts patterns
    jewelry necklace bracelets rings related, check out: https://www.recsites.com/html/Crafts/Beading/

    It is a collection of sites for suppliers of high-quality beads, including pearl beads,
    Swarovski crystal beads, and semi-precious stone beads.

    Let's get the conversation going.

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    Andrea Adams creates wearable art jewelry, accessories, and costumes for those who love myth and nature. Her mixed media beadwork and leather craft blends organic and unusual materials like semiprecious stone, vintage glass, bone, and wood. Each piece is hand crafted in her forest studio, with hope that it will spark imagination and a sense of connection to the natural world.

    You can check out her website at:

    Mike Dippel
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