• Looking for beta testers

    From Dumas Walker@32:1/10 to MARISAG on Sat Mar 30 10:51:00 2019
    I'm looking to have a new tester(s) join our team for the sandbox RPG called Lugdunon. Lugdunon is a 2d graphical RPG in the style of Final Fantasy which i
    a sandbox like Minecraft where you can build items, craft others, create quests, etc. You will also get a full website with community and forum software. You can get more information at http://lugdunon.net or my own site https://LugdunonCity.org where you can sign up to join the team. Please contac
    me at fstltna@yahoo.com if you are interested in joining our team. Hope to wor
    with you :)

    I just recently found out that one of my users is at least into modem RPG
    games (I don't think he has internet beyond email, though!). I am going to draw his attention to the gamenet areas.


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