• 2020 amiga 600 luxuries?

    From Mantrid@32:1/10 to All on Thu Dec 10 17:18:40 2020

    i've been on a quest recapping All my
    consoles and pretty soon it's going to
    be the amiga's turn. it's my wife's
    from when she was a kid and it must
    come with a couple of hundred floppy
    disks at least!!

    i know she had a mix of games which
    took various workbench versions so my
    first though is to get a rom switcher
    to make that process easier, then while
    im in there i might as well get a cf or
    sd hard drive with workbench on too,
    and maybe a wifi card.

    has anyone else any suggestions? (i
    dont like anything that permanently
    alters the console or requires cutting
    the case etc]
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