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    From Roger Shays@HURRICAN to All on Tue Dec 22 18:39:17 2015


    V Q N E T C O M M U N I C A T I O N S N E T W O R K

    General Information, Terms of Agreement, and Application

    VQNet is a network for designed for FTN/QWK Style Networking BBS's. If
    you would like to join, please read the following information and terms
    of membership. Then fill out this application.

    Once you've completed it, you must rename it to <last_name>.APP. This is
    to prevent it from being looked over or overwritten by another application.
    Then Email it to rshays@cascadesbbs.com .

    Unless otherwise worked out, long distance charges are the responsibility
    of the joining node.

    Roger Shays - Network Coordinator
    Roger Shays - FTN Coordinator
    Bobbiejo Shays - QWK Coordinator
    Gert Andersen - Co. Network - + Nodelist Coordinator


    Terms of Agreement for Membership

    Network Validation is supported and encouraged by the NC of VQNet. Sysops Wishing to add A particular Echo that they feel will bring in more traffic
    may do so by sending coordinator a email or netmail with the following information

    Name of echo, echo tag qwk confnumber if qwk, any restrictions.

    The use of ANSI or high ascii codes, or any profanity/vulgar language in message taglines is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Some users systems will crash
    if these extra codes are in the message...plus users of all ages may be accessing the echoes within VQNet.

    At times, it may become necessary for me, the NC, to ask a sysop to turn on network validation, restict a certain user from access to posting on
    VQNet Network, or other unforseen events. VQNet Sysops must be willing to agree by my requests in the event that this becomes necessary.

    VQNet Sysops should NOT participate in the spreading of viruses, ansi
    bombs, or any destructive programs, and should NOT make these programs available for download, even if designated as such. Virus scanning of
    uploads is encouraged.

    VQNet Sysops should respect the privacy of their users, and should
    especially not use the priviledged information of user passwords to
    attempt to log onto other boards using a users account. Sharing of user information, such as real names, address and phone numbers is allowed in
    the event of a problem user, but only with other VQNet net sysops.

    However, passwords should NOT be shared even with other sysops. The sharing
    of ANY information about users should NEVER be given out to anyone, except
    in the aforementioned situation of sharing bad user info with other
    VQNet sysops in order to prevent problems with VQNet or VQNet
    BBS's. This also applies to law enforcement subpeona of the user data.

    Flaming is not acceptable on VQNet, no matter what the echo subject is.
    No one is "holding a gun to your head" to force you to read and participate
    in the various areas.

    If you can't say something nice about a user in an echo, you should either
    not say anything at all...or take your "flame" to email or netmail.
    VQNet Sysops will be responsible for their users flaming, and will need
    to discipline them as they see fit.

    Repeated violations of the above agreement may result in termination of
    a BBS's status in VQNet without warning.


    Application for VQNet Membership

    VQNet Communications Network Application for Membership


    Real Full Name :
    Your Handle/Alias :
    Internet Email Address Or Phone No. :


    Board Name :
    Board Loction :
    Board Phone Number or Telnet Address :
    Hours of Operation : [ ] 24 hrs/day, or ______ to ______
    BBS Software Type :

    (QWK Info)
    QWK ID:

    (Fido Info)
    Mail Transport Method desired :
    FTP: Binkp: Pots: Telnet: Ifcico: Email:
    Mailer Used:
    Port Number (only if not on standard binkp port of 24554):
    Password: Areafix:_____________ Allfix:_______________ Session:______________


    [ ]Cascades II BBS <FTN> Network cordinator
    [ ]Mystic Forest <QWK> Qwk cordinator
    [ ] Kofo bbs <FTN> Nodelist Cordinator

    [ ] Other ________________

    Put any additional comments here:_______________________________________




    By signing (or submitting) this application, I agree to follow the terms
    of agreement as listed above. I understand that the Network Coordinator
    may ask me to leave the network at any time if I am not, or if he feels
    that my board is causing problems for the network.

    Signature/Name:____________________________ Date:______________________

    Email :rshays@cascadesbbs.com

    * Origin: Cascades II BBS Headquarters (57:231/1)
    Synchronet Eye of The Hurricane BBS - hurrican.synchro.net