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    From Nicholas Loch@HURRICAN to AGN_ADS,GatorNet.GatorNet_BBS_Ads,L on Sun Nov 15 13:36:00 2015
    ------[ C O M B A T N E T I B B S G A M I N G ]--------- ------------------------------------------------------------

    The mission of CombatNet is to provide a reliable, error-free,
    low latency gaming network. The Server is powered by Ubuntu
    Linux and is reliable, fast, up-to date, and is diligently
    monitored and maintained by the L/C.

    Check out http://combatnet.us if you are interested in joining
    a fast growing gaming network. Currently we offer BRE, FE, TAL,
    Nukewar, Usurper, LORD, Global Wars and several other games too.
    While similar to BBSLink, Combatnet offers all nodes their own
    BRE, FE and TAL planet as well as customized menus that attempt
    to match your BBS overall theme. CBNET strives to take the
    network errors out of league game play.

    CombatNet is still under construction and we're growing. Our
    league games will reset on November 1, 2015. So now is the
    time to get online. It's very easy to setup. Synchronet and
    Mystic BBS software is directly supported but any other BBS
    packages that can create a DOOR32.SYS Drop Fill will work.

    Fat Rastus | SysOp: CombatNet IBBS Gaming
    info@combatnet.us | http://combatnet.us
    --- SBBSecho 2.27-Linux
    * Origin: Electronic Warfare BBS | http://www.ewbbs.net (57:57/11)
    Synchronet Eye of The Hurricane BBS - hurrican.synchro.net