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    From Gert Andersen@57:245/1 to All on Tue Apr 13 16:43:38 2021
    Z y y X x E L
    Z y y X X E L
    Z y X EEEE L
    Z y X X E L
    Z y X X E L
    The Network for ZyXEL hardware and software users!

    Interesting in Joining? Simply fill out the form below.

    ZyXEL-Net (ZyXELNet co ZyXEL) is a network for consumers of ZyXEL
    modems, routers, hardware and ETC from The ZyXEL company. ZyXELNet is
    a FTN style network that supplies a Sotware distribution file echo
    and messages support echos.

    To Join:
    Please fill the below application out as accurately as possible, and
    then follow directions at the bottom of the form for subbmitting.

    ZyXELNet Application =======================================================================
    *NOTE: If any of the below is not applicable to your system , please put "N/A". --------------------------------------------------------------------
    PERSONAL INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------------------

    Your Real First and Last Name :
    Home street address :
    City :
    ZIP code :
    State :
    Country :
    Voice phone number :
    Personal email address :
    Personal website :

    BBS INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------

    NOTE: If any of the following does not apply to your system, then put N/A
    in the field so that we know what you didn't forget to fill out a field.

    BBS Name :
    BBS Software :
    Operating System :
    Data Phone# :
    Telnet Address :
    Binkp Address :
    Website URL :
    Mail Tosser :

    What program do you use to handle mail packets with over the internet (i.e. Internet Rex, Binkd, TransX, Argus, etc.) ? :

    What Front-end mailer do you use : :

    If you are a member of other mail networks, please list the network name and your node numbers below.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONNECTION INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [ ] FTN : [ ] BinkP
    Session Password :
    Areafix Password :
    Filefix Password :
    Packet Password :

    [ ] FTP (you will be contacted directly by your hub for more info.)

    [ ] Email
    ( ) MIME/Base64
    ( ) TransX
    TransX Password :

    Email Address to use :

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MODEM INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    + Modem(s) :
    + Nodelist Flags (V32, etc.):
    + Number of users :
    + How long you've run a BBS :
    + Hours of Daily Operation :


    Aplying as: ( ) Point. ( ) Node. ( ) Regional Hub under a Host.
    ( ) Regional Host. ( ) National Host.

    HUB NODE APPLICATION INFORMATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Area you applying for/as : [ ] Host? [ ] Hub? [ ] Node? (check only one)
    If no Hub, Host or RC in your region could you then like to be RC? Yes[ ] No[ ]
    [ ]State Host? - [ ]Area Hub?

    Prefered Linked to : Nearest Host[ ] Hub[ ] RC[ ] or to the ZC[ ]

    NOTE* If you are applying to be a Host or a Hub please be sure that you can toss
    both file and message echoes in and out as you will be providing node under your
    system with the Message and Filebone feed.

    FIDONet Zone 1/2/3 Node number(s) : ________________________________________

    FidoNet Node Point number (2:xxx/xxxx.xx) : ________________________________

    EXTRA INFORMATION AND COMMENTS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Read the information file fine and look good at and read the info n the nodelist first.
    Then go on fill out this application and -->>
    Send this application by Netmail to Gert Andersen via fidonet 2:230/150 - ZyXELNet 16:16/1,
    or email it to Gert Andersen zyxel@kofo.org (or gert@kofo.org).
    You will then hear back with a node number and connection information in about 48 hours.

    --- Done by Gentoo Linux kernel-4.9.93
    * Origin: The KofoBBS (57:245/1)