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    Telnet: telnet://rdnetbbs.com/
    Main Website: https://retrodigital.net/
    BBS Website: http://rdnetbbs.com/

    Message Networks:
    Fidonet: 1:342/11
    Gatornet: 57:57/28
    DoRENET: 44:100/7
    WhisperNet: 316:403/2
    Dove-NET, DeveloperNet, MusicalNet, Starnet, Retronet

    42 Usenet Newsgroups - Topics from Sports to Jukeboxes.

    Max Nodes: 10
    Messages: Over 790729

    Center of Awareness Games:
    Barren Realms Elite, Bubble Boggle, DiceWarz 2, Falcon's Eye, FatFish, Global War, Kannons and Katapults, LORD, Maze Race, Planets: TEOS, Synchronetris, The Pit, Thirstyville, Top Rank Boxing, Uberblox, Usurper

    BBSLink InterBBS Games:
    Lord, Lord2, Planets: TEOS, Operation: Overkill, Trade Wars 2002, Pimp
    Wars, Lunatix, BBS Crash, Global War, DoorMUD, Mega Slots.

    What's New!
    Recent BBS downtime was due to a bad CPU on the dedicated server that I host the BBS on. Once diagnosed and replaced the system is back online and should be stable. Thank you for your patience everyone!
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