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    On 06 Aug 2021 at 12:01p, The Godfather pondered and said...

    My mom owned a Subaru hatch back in 1986ish (I believe thats when I got
    my learners permit). It was a stick shift and we lived in Colorado.
    May her rest in peace, having had to teach me to drive up and down snow and ice packed busy roads during the middle of winter. I'm still
    unclear how either of us survived.

    This brings back memories of me learning to drive with my dad.One day he suggested we practice a crash stop and told me to hit the breaks hard when he gave me the word. We were on a quiet road off the beaten track so it was all good on that count. When we did the test I may have moving at 30km but after the one test he said I think we've done that enough :)

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