• My kid's car was stolen off of a college campus

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    Hello Greenlfc!

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    My kid's car was stolen off of a college campus. Something
    like eight months later...

    ...We later determined that they Dukes of Hazzard-ed it off
    the hill by looking at the tire marks and the spot where
    the driver cracked their head on the windshield :D.

    The cop never even went down and checked it, he said, "if
    you find a body or anything, let us know," and took off.

    Funny that the cops showed little to no concern for clues of a

    ..insurance wouldn't cover it,...

    Not surprised. Insurance companies will always look for an
    excuse if anything doesn't appear normal.

    [...] sold it to a couple of demolition derby guys for
    $200, so that was something at least.

    A reasonable outcome!

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