• Top Speeds? (Public Roads and Closed)

    From k9zw@21:1/224 to All on Wed Jul 14 06:49:03 2021
    What are the top speeds you driven, and in what sort of car/cycle?

    Open (Public) Road - 245kph (152mph) driving a German Police customized Opel Closed Course - 293kph (182mph) on the straightaway doing a driving school in
    a one-off race trainer.
    2-Wheel - 200kph (125mph) during advanced cycle training, and a few times
    "just because" (wink!)

    I've actually gained a great respect for the risks and seldom will be found above 140kph (87mph) other thana controlled course. Have had too many deer
    and other animals run in front of me, as well as other drivers doing the unexpected.

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    Hallo k9zw,

    What are the top speeds you driven, and in what sort of car/cycle?

    About 210-220 km/h in a Renault Megane (~ 120hp) in 2006. It was a company car that I had during my first job.
    And as I'm living in Germany and the traffic wasn't that dense 15 years
    ago, it was absolutely possible to drive at that speed on the Autobahn :)

    With my first own car (Citroen C3, 88 hp) I also reached ~205 km/h.

    Today, with my Smart convertible, my top speed is around 150 km/h.
    And my wife's Toyota Yaris hybrid only allows 180 km/h - it won't go any faster.

    So I guess, I'll have to rent a car with more hp soon to top these speeds


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    What are the top speeds you driven, and in what sort of car/cycle?

    I had a BMW 325is with an M3 kit in it. Was a nice "sleeper". A dude I hired wanted to race me... after weeks of saying no when he caught up to me on the freeway going home I figured what the heck. I had it up to 273Kh / 170Mph. Blew his doors in :) Felt like I was doing 65. Love the Beemer!

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  • From doctor wade@21:3/105 to All on Sat Jul 17 12:31:15 2021
    140 mph on interstate in a 1970 Ford Mach 1, 135 mph Honda 1800 VTX motorcycle on the interstate on my way home from work.

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