• https://riiseev.com

    From Ogg@21:4/106.21 to All on Sat Apr 30 20:59:00 2022
    A Canadian company that is making a good difference:


    "Imagine the car of your dreams, electrified, customized, and
    restored beyond original spec. That's exactly what we do.

    "Bring us your car or tell us what make and model you want us
    to source. In either case, our team will meticulously transform
    your vehicle into a beautiful, head-turning, zero emission EV.
    This premium and specialized service is limited to bespoke

    "Each conversion is unique and built to order. From patina, to
    factory specifications and beyond custom. If you dream it, we
    will build it.

    They are turning heads by converting classic Porsche models to
    EV. Only 20 moving parts!

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