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    I don't know. It sounds exactly what is wrong with the world (wide
    web). Running for free at the charity of a global organisation. Need to register to attend a social event ...

    Well, no one is stopped from participating if they don't register, they simply don't get any results. There is such a thing as going overboard on privacy.

    So, what does that free registration get me?

    1. A time everytime I participate (providing I remember to use my barcode at the end - if I don't, then I get no result, simple as that).

    2. I get to work towards various "clubs", which are based on number of events I've participated in and volunteered at. I get a cool shirt (for a nominal fee) for reaching each milestone.

    3. I get a record that I can use to monitor my performance over time. Downside is my cross country handicappers can check to see if I'm running well. ;) But of course, I can sumply not scan my barcode if I don't want them to know I did well that week. ;)

    Nowadays it is an innovation that people meet and run for free (in exchange of some personal data) in a park.

    Well, it does get bigger numbers than a simple ring around. ;)

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