• United States UFO Report

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    Ya'll were just talking about life on other planets... and just to answer that quickly, I certainly think there must be SOME form of life other than on Earth somewhere out there in our vast solar system...

    I'm not as informed as a lot of ya'll, but... how can we think that SOMEWHERE out there theres not other life? I think there is; but I don't know that they're living amongst us or trying to find us - or should I say capable of finding us here... on Earth. My guess would be that they are far far away, with similar hardships to make their way to OUR 9 planets... :P

    Anyway; the U.S. released their reports on UFO encounters since 2004. 144 reported encounters with so-called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) from 2oo4 to 2o21... officials said they were only able to identify ONE with "high confidence"; determining IT was a deflating balloon. They 'lack sufficient information' to classify the other incidents with certainty.

    I haven't gotten my hands on the full report just yet [Do you have a link/file??? I want it!] and wonder what ya'll think about this report. I think its [finally] great that they released it to us... but it kinda creates more questions than answers.

    What say you BBS brains out there?


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