• Re: SuperBBS 1.17-3 KEYGEN

    From Spectre@21:3/101 to Akacastor on Wed May 29 15:59:00 2024
    So, it was probably my timing, got the patc downloaded again. Now that I've looked at it, I have... questions :)

    Does it care what you fill in as the reg #?

    If you're running multiline do you need the .scc file in the SBBS dir or the LINE dirs? I'll actually try this part out, I haven't yet. Like most QBBS
    clone software multiline is a bit of an afterthought. Most common config remains in the SBBS dir, but the LINE/NODE directories also hold configs and the bbs.exe is called from there not the upper dir. Not sure how the
    timestamp is going to hold up across NFS either at this stage.


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