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    Did you ever type in programs from the 'learn to program' books aimed at kids?
    They may have come along just a bit too late for you. I remember borrowing
    them from the library in the late 80s when I was learning on Apple ][ in
    elementary school and a Tan

    Either I bought one of those, or someone bought one for me, when I was
    younger. Problem was that the book was for "PC" BASIC and all we had was a TI99. ;) I did also receive a TI99 programming book that, IIRC, was a collection of several programs from 99er magazine. I did type some of
    those in and learned a few things.

    Several years later we got an XT. For whatever reason, it never really
    dawned on me to get that PC BASIC book out and play with it. Oddly enough,
    I still have that book here somewhere. I think I have the TI one, too! ;)


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