• Blue Wave 2.30 DOS/386 ke

    From Warpslide@21:3/110 to AKACASTOR on Fri Apr 5 19:13:18 2024
    Quoting Akacastor to Warpslide <=-

    BW23-KEY.ZIP is available on Another Millennium BBS (another.tel port
    23) in file area 4 (cracks).

    The readme:

    Greetings to Warpslide and everyone on fsxNet!

    Neat! I've never been mentioned in a readme file before! :)

    Uploading with my totally legit registered copy of BlueWave/386.


    ... Blue Wave - World Tour - 2024
    ___ Blue Wave/386 v2.30

    --- Mystic BBS/QWK v1.12 A49 2023/04/30 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: Northern Realms (21:3/110)