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    From Utopian Galt@21:4/108 to All on Sun Mar 24 13:41:38 2024
    It would be cool if the magazines could be converted into gopher, and we could read the magazines that way.

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  • From Ben Collver to Utopian Galt on Sun Mar 24 16:39:40 2024
    Re: Magazines
    By: Utopian Galt to All on Sun Mar 24 2024 13:41:38

    That would be trivial to do. The process would go like this:

    * Download .pdf from archive.org.
    * Upload .pdf to your gopher directory.
    * Share URL, something like: gopher://host/9/~user/dir/mag.pdf

    On the client side, you could save a local copy of the .pdf to view later
    If using lynx you could set up application/pdf in your .mailcap and
    .mimetypes to select a PDF viewer, to view it without quitting lynx.