• Happy Baud Day!

    From John Polka@21:3/171 to ALL on Mon Mar 11 23:16:12 2024
    I looked at the clock and it read 9pm on the West Coast. We're still 3 hours away from Baud Day here...but on the East Coast, it's now officially Baud Day! So, Happy Baud Day, everyone! Hope you all are jamming to some fresh "Baud Day" tunes! Here's one set of tunes that I put together for the event:


    And I am excited to announce that all callers to the Basement BBS today will
    be entered in our "Baud Day" t-shirt raffle. We'll raffle t-shirts all day. Just make sure we have a current email address when you call. Winners will be contacted through email.

    You can connect to the Basement BBS at basementbbs.ddns.net:9000

    ATASCII is recommended as it is an Atari BBS, but we also got ANSI and ASCII support.

    More Baud Day celebration suggestions are at the following link including a Baud Day Bingo Card for those who are going 0ld sk00l and connecting to BBSs with a modem.



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