• DMPI software on a 286

    From kirkspragg@21:1/126 to All on Sun Jan 28 12:09:22 2024
    Hi all,

    I've been into retro computing for a we while and have finally got my 16mhz
    286 networked & am now exploring web browing with this old computer as well as taking a look the BBS scene.

    I have been playing around with DOS web browsers & currently the one that
    works the best is Fred Macall's Doslynx. I'm using the 16bit protected mode version of that brower (DosLynxP) on my 286 with the borland 16bit dpmi host & it really works well, certainly much faster than Arachne which is barely useable.

    Although software using DMPI was much more common in the 386/486 era,
    there must have been some DPMI/16 DOS sofware writtend for the 286.

    I've done a bit of seraching and have not come up with much, are any of you aware of any interesting DPMI/16 apps or games that might run on a 286?

    Thanks & happy retro computing to all,

    Kirk Spragg

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