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    From Beery@21:4/109 to All on Sat Jan 6 12:12:02 2024
    I am pretty sure there are various sources for Telnet clients out there, but if someone is looking to develop one, you might want to take a look at this github repository at github.com/edimatt42/tipi/tree/main/examples/telnet for gcc source code.

    The author developed a card for the TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 computer's interfacing a Raspberry PI to the computer. Basically, the PI became hard drive storage for the TI and Geneve computers through a messaging system.

    That messaging system interfaces to a host of opportunities on the PI to give TCP, UDP, etc. added functionality. If you back up through the sources of the jedimatt42/tipi point of the link above, all the code and design interface, specs, etc. are there.

    The particular telnet client referenced above talks to the PI through the messaging interface and had 40/64/80 column ANSI capability.

    I am not familiar with the Amiga to know what the computer has, but it may open some opportunities for someone to develop a client.

    Myself, I took the messaging interface and interfaced with the TCP i/o and passed the i/o to an ANSI driver and developed a client specific for the Geneve 9640. I was also able to take a previous RS232 serial based i/o connection BBS and convert it to a telnet accessible BBS. My code is TMS9995 assembly language, however most of what the developer has above should be portable to the Amiga.

    Anyways, thought I would let you guys know about that link above in the event it would help the Amiga community for any ambitious developers.

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