• VM: Patch for Windows 95/98/98 SE/Me to fix CPU issues

    From Oli@21:3/102 to All on Mon Nov 6 21:24:20 2023
    "Virtualization of Microsoft Windows 9x systems is a bit problematic due to 2 major bugs: TLB invalidation bug and CPU speed limit bug.

    This program contains a set of patches to fix these bugs, and can be booted from a floppy on a virtual machine. It either applies the patch to the installed system, or it patches the installation files in order to create (relatively) bug-free installation media."


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  • From Zip@21:1/202 to Oli on Sun Dec 10 17:34:14 2023
    Hello Oli!

    On 06 Nov 2023, Oli said the following...


    Thanks! Downloaded and bookmarked for future use!

    Best regards

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