• SID music software

    From Bob Worm@21:1/205 to All on Sat Nov 4 14:07:23 2023
    Hi, all.

    I can see there are a lot of options available today for SID "tracker" software - GoatTracker, SID Wizard, InSIDious...

    I've watched a couple of YouTube videos showing people compose in the different softwares, a lot of them don't really explain what's going on. I understand the theory of attack / decay / sustain / release, etc. and don't need to be spoon fed, particularly, but the packages are quite different to one another and the creators quite often just rush through plugging values into (sometimes un-labelled) fields without telling you what they are.

    If you were starting today, which software would be your pick?

    In case it makes any difference:

    a) It's just for messing around. I'm not planning to synch the music to a demo or anything like that right now.

    b) My daily runner is a Mac, so I'm kind of expecting to have to work inside C64 emulation.


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