• Dolch PAC 60 videoz/upgradez

    From paulie420@21:2/150 to All on Sat Jul 22 19:02:19 2023

    Theres been some interest in the PAC 60 486 I've been w0rking on in the past few weeks, and its been turning itself into a really killer retro MS-DOS PC platform! Being a portable luggable, its the perfect form-factor for anyone wanting a retro PC system...

    There are other models of the PAC line that offer faster CPUs ; up thru Pentium-III chipsets - but this one is a lowly 486DX/66, just where I like to live.

    If you'd like to see a couple of its newest upgrades; a SoundBlaster AWE-64 and a Gotek floppy emulator, I invite you to come view TechHeart's latest video on the topic - we're trying to get to 1,000 subs, so I'd love it if you gave one. :P

    Anyway, I'm enj0ying playing with this hardware - its ONE of my favorite machines around the house... maybe soon I can get to documenting the Apple IIe, C=64/128 or Amiga stuff I've been dipping into...

    Cheers, fsx!!



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