• RM 800XL

    From Ben Collver to All on Sun Apr 23 11:02:00 2023
    # RM 800XL - new Atari 800XL clone in the works

    A company called Revive Machines, based in Poland, is showing
    rendered images of what they are calling the RM 800XL.

    Visually, the RM 800XL looks precisely like the Atari counterpart,
    with a few differences to allow the machine to meet some of the
    modern requirements.

    The RM 800XL is a transfer of the original design with all of its
    fantastic features into the 21st century. It is a combination of
    tradition and modernity at a level that has not been achieved by
    anyone before.

    The RM 800XL will support the original cartridges, joysticks, and
    SIO. In addition to that, it will have standard USB ports for modern controllers, an HDMI port for video, and a USB-C to power it on.

    According to the Revive Machines page, the RM 800XL will be based on
    FPGA technologies and not "cheap" emulation.

    The page doesn’t contain any concrete information about the project,
    like prices or when it will be available. It could be vaporware from
    what we can see at this time, but hopefully, that is not the case,
    and there is, in fact, serious work going on behind the scenes. We
    will have to wait and see.