• VCF East Is In One Week

    From massiverobot@21:3/178 to All on Sat Apr 8 10:56:41 2023
    Vintage Computer Festival East (USA-Wall, NJ)
    Is April 14,15,16 - in one week!

    2 day of exhibits, 3 days of classes, 3 days of speakers, 2 round
    table sessions... it's incredible show this year.

    All info:


    Here is a list of just the speakers this year:
    Byron Stout Modern Tools for Commodore 64 Sprite Animation
    Maki Kato Verifiable Credentials: Intro and a discussion
    about how we might use them as a community
    Leo Binkowski The Ghost of NABU Past
    Alastair Hewitt Novasaur TTL Retrocomputer
    Jim Hall Toy CPU
    Brian Johnson Emulating the NABU PC
    Streamer Roundtable:
    Multiple Bil Herd, David Lovett, Adrian Black, Fran Blanche, Jeri Ellsworth

    Adrian Wilson Quantel's Paintbox: The Computer That Changed What We See
    T. CherryHomes #FujiNet - Latest Editions
    Jerry Crisci I Was There for the Revolution: Lessons and Reflections
    from 35 Years in EdTech
    Liza Loop Computer Literacy in the 70's and 80's.
    Margaret Morabito The Early Years of Online Education
    Jeri Ellsworth From C64 DTV to Tilt Five: A lifelong passion for gaming and inventing
    Streamer Roundtable:
    Multiple Bil Herd, Michael Stanhope, Steve Matarazzo, Sean Malseed, Dave Murray

    Christian Berger An introduction to teletext
    Byron Stout What can vintage computing tell us about the next
    generation of Engineers?
    Jason Perkins 40 Years of Apple Lisa - Now with Source!
    Cynthia Solomon and Brian Silverman LOGO, teaching with computers
    Frank O'Brien Flying to the Moon: A view from the Apollo Guidance Computer Michael Casedevall The Unseen World of PowerPC
    Liza Loop Computer Literacy 2023: What you need to know about
    computers today.

    If you are around the Mid-Atlantic region or have the means to travel
    I hope to see you there for a fun-packed three days.


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