• AmiDeb - i386

    From vorlon@21:1/195.1 to all on Sat Feb 4 11:04:01 2023
    Announcing the release of AmiDeb for older 32bit CPU's.

    AmiDeb is a bare Linux install with just enough to run FS-UAE. It is NOT Amilator, but is based on the ideas of Amilator. At the end of the
    installation of AmiDeb you have a real Debian Linux system, with the
    benefit of being able to update and customize the system. (Unlike

    Ruining a Text based front end, FS-UAE is then launched for your Amiga experience. There are two versions listed here. One for normal operations,
    and the second for writing directly to a USB Memory stick.

    Requirements to run AmiDeb:
    Internet connection for the Install. (Uses Debian Net Install)
    2 GB of Ram
    CPU, from Intel or AMD.
    Builtin Video will work, but recommend Dedicated video.
    8Gb of storage space on a USB memory stick or SSD/Hard drive

    AmiDeb in its default install is NOT designed to run as a Virtual Machine, (Only basic drivers are installed) its up to the end user to install any
    extra drivers.

    Head on over to https://amiga.vk3heg.net and grab your stuff!


    --- Talisman v0.46-dev (Linux/m68k)
    * Origin: Vorlon Empire: Amiga 3000 powered in Sector 550 (21:1/195.1)