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    From paulie420@21:2/150 to x1pepe on Sun Jun 27 13:53:54 2021
    Piter Punk & x1pepe:

    So ya'll have done it... all your information and here I am jamming with OpenMSX both on my regular Linux machine and on a Raspberry Pi. :P

    I still have to source some great ROMs, but theres several things I like about the MSX platform. You can totally play with just the keyboard - as back then I bet a lot of MSX users dide just that... so the games are designed to pretty easily use just those keys. I also like the upscaling that OpenMSX offers...

    Its a nice way to learn about these machines - I'm gonna have to find hardware at some point; but these are really fun. I notice that SOME MSX models had modems; was there any BBS history on MSXs? And/or was there a demoscene? I like to collect both BBStros and demos from different 8bit playforms... I'm sure I'll find tons of stuff in short order. I thank ya'll for helping me with the basics and theres a lot of info for other fsxNetters if they want to dive in. :P

    It is hard; many games are in spanish... but I'm sure I'll unearth some English goodness, too. Its been a fun Saturday.

    I did email a spanish speaking developer who creates MSX port Raspberry Pi Hats - this would be nice to own; I could get a lot of the functionality of the MSXVR on my own, minus the software frontend that they offer. But... I'm going down the rabbit hole. YAY!


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    Happy to see a new Msx-user here ;)

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