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    Mr Brutman himself is about to release an updated version of mTCP in
    the next 2-4 weeks (first release since 2020). This release will focus
    on stability and adding support for a local hosts file. He has been running his mTCP HTTP server on his 4.77MHz PCJr as a test site for 569 hrs non stop at the time of writing. Check it out over at
    brutmanlabs.org if you are interested in that.

    Very cool. I've been using mTCP under DOSBOX for some time, and it
    works well.

    EGA!, so I use CGA 4 colour instead). However, it is the most rad thing using the lynx browser and viewing images inside the browser at the command line on a near 40 year old PC. I will make a video and put it
    up on YouTube when I get a moment. Aside from extended keyboard
    support, sixel graphics, it also supports printing and mouse control.
    Yep, you can even copy/paste with your DOS mode mouse.

    Hit me up if you wanna know more.

    Definitely - looking forward to hearing more!

    This is indeed good news. I use mTCP on my 486, really the only reliable way for me to be able to use FTP on it, telnet into these boards. So easy to use, set up.

    I know he won't do it, but I'd really like zmodem support in the telnet program. The file transfer protocols are only there to see what it would have been like 'back in the day', but I'm sure I'm not the only one who actually uses it properly.

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