• 1 on 1 Help Sessions

    From Mike Dippel@21:4/173 to ALL on Mon Nov 22 14:27:23 2021
    Stuck with how to figure something out? Want to ask a question about your specific keyboard? Do you have one or more questions for Marco Mendez?
    Marco is a world renowned musician.

    Marco is now offering one on one private personal ZOOM help sessions, Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT, much as you might schedule with your doctor nowadays.

    You can follow the link below to send an email requesting just such a private session. You will be contacted to set up a convenient time for this session and arrange for payment. The fee for this service will be $20 for a 15 minute session, or $30 for a 30 minute session

    Go to https://www.marcomendez.net/help_session.htm for more information.

    Mike Dippel
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