• sexyz for linux

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Thu Sep 2 16:52:51 2021
    I've been trying to get this going on my Linux version of Mystic so far
    without success.

    After asking around the Synchronet author (DM) kindly pointed me to a copy I could download from Synchronet FTP site.

    I've moved it into the Mystic directory and and made it executable



    Synchronet External X/Y/ZMODEM v3.0 master/32a29523f Copyright Rob Swindell

    !No command specified

    usage: sexyz <socket> [-opts] <cmd> [file | path | @list]

    socket = TCP socket descriptor (leave blank for stdio mode)

    opts = -y allow overwriting of existing files when receiving
    -k enable X/YMODEM-1K send mode
    -c enable XMODEM-CRC receive mode
    -g enable X/YMODEM-G receive mode (no error recovery)
    -o disable ZMODEM CRC-32 mode (use CRC-16)
    -s use segmented ZMODEM (disable streaming)
    -2 set maximum ZMODEM block size to 2K
    -4 set maximum ZMODEM block size to 4K
    -8 set maximum ZMODEM block size to 8K (ZedZap)
    -w# set maximum ZMODEM transmit window size (default=0, unlimited)
    -m# set maximum receive file size to # bytes (default=0, unlimited)
    -l lowercase received filenames
    -! to pause after abnormal exit (error)
    -telnet to enable Telnet mode (the default except in stdio mode)
    -rlogin or -ssh or -raw to disable Telnet mode

    cmd = v to display detailed version information
    sx to send XMODEM rx to receive XMODEM
    sX to send XMODEM-1K rc to receive XMODEM-CRC
    sy to send YMODEM ry to receive YMODEM
    sY to send YMODEM-1K rg to receive YMODEM-G
    sz to send ZMODEM rz to receive ZMODEM

    file = filename to send or receive
    path = directory to receive files into
    list = name of text file with list of filenames to send or receive


    so far so good,

    when I try to run a SEXYZ ZModem download I see this error in the terminal
    once I start the download

    /bbs/mystic/temp1/xfer.sh 2 :/bbs/mystic/temp1/xfer.sh: sexyz: not found

    In the error logs I see

    2021.02.09 16:43:35 MYSTIC 001 ERROR: Can't find xfer.log, error 2

    I figured if the file was in the mystic root it would be enough for mystic to find it?

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/08/26 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: Agency BBS | Dunedin, New Zealand | agency.bbs.nz (21:1/101)
  • From Oli@21:3/102 to Avon on Thu Sep 2 09:34:53 2021
    Avon wrote (2021-09-02):

    I've been trying to get this going on my Linux version of Mystic so far without success.

    Does it make MYSIC?

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