• Zeus v1.47

    From Jonathan Hodges@21:4/138 to Tim Grooms on Sun Feb 19 08:45:20 2023
    So I installed Zeus v1.47 in WinUAE and it works just fine with the 1.7 key. I've got the following setup: 68060 cpu, gobs of memory, WB 3.2, and a Phase5 Cyberstorm PPC "card". So now I need to get a Zeus manual and read the damn thing before I go any further. I thought I had one in pdf but I'm not sure where it is. Is there a manual with v1.7? Maybe that's were I saw it.
    Anyway. I'm gonna try and get it up and running. I'd be interested in getting some game files running on it.
    More to come

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  • From claw@21:1/210 to Jonathan Hodges on Tue Feb 21 07:33:19 2023
    Whoot! excited to see this. let me know when you have it functional!

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