• Well .. harvest time

    From The Godfather@21:3/165 to All on Fri Aug 19 09:53:46 2022
    Hey all,

    Hope everyone is hanging in there and doing well.

    This has been one heck of a year for an abundance of Tomatoes, Green Beans, and Squash of any variety (Spaghetti Squash, Zucchini, Acorn for us ..) have done really well. And now our 3rd season in a row where peppers have not done as well, chives oddly grew horribly, squash bugs have been a PITA to battle, and I think I planted radish and beets at the wrong time of year (spring,) ans I have great leaves but not much else; and while I hear i can cut the leaves and make salad, that surely was not my intent. Oh and on the tomatoes, I'd love to discover a way to get as many large tomatoes as we do these dang volunteer tomatoes that begin and overwhelm each season.

    Anyway, so it looks like this year I'll be dehydrating Zucchini and storing mylar bags. I have done so with 2 medium sized Zucchini and it worked great, filling approximately one half of a sandwich bag. As for tomatoes and squash, I'm learning canning, with my wife, and our first batch sealed and now stored.

    If you garden:
    1. What grew well for you?
    2. How are you storing them (canning, dehydration, or freeze drying?)
    3. Any suggestions on alternative vegetables to plant for variety? I'm doubling the size of my garden next year as squash plants seem to take
    4. Is there anything I can plant NOW or closer to fall/winter
    that I can harvest in spring?


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  • From Irish_Monk@21:4/184 to The Godfather on Fri Aug 19 10:19:52 2022
    1. What grew well for you?
    2. How are you storing them (canning, dehydration, or freeze drying?)

    Yellow Squash, All kinds of tomatoes, Berry bushes did great, Cucumbers, all did good. And like you, our peppers havnt done all that great this year or last year.

    We havnt tried doing any canning ourselves. If we have too much from the garden I hand it out to family, friends, and work friends. Although after COVID happened and I seen people beating up each other over toilet paper I did start to be a "prepper" a little bit. At this moment I have a nice area in the basement where I try to keep enough of everything to keep us going for 3-6months even if I couldnt make it to the store. And Ill keep trying to grow that of course. The way things are these days, you almost have to.


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  • From k9zw@21:1/224 to The Godfather on Sat Aug 20 14:32:12 2022
    What Zone and conditions are you planting in?

    What could work for a late season in Mississipi won't make it in Montana...

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    On 2022-08-19 03:53 The Godfather said...
    Hey all,

    Hey The Godfather, I really enjoyed reading your post.

    3. Any suggestions on alternative vegetables to plant for variety?

    (More of a herb than vegetable I guess, but I like it. Cut it finely over various pasta sauce dishes, or boiled potatoes, or in mash, or stews.
    It can also be frozen, just as it is or chopped up.

    Sunflowers, because they get so gigantic and impressive, and beautiful too, if you have the space for them.
    I grew 4 in a large pot on my balcony two years ago, they hit the ceiling, and grew outside of it and continued up a bit.
    I had to tie them down in various ways when it started to get windy.
    But, if you have a garden, and can grow them against a wall or fence, and maybe tie them up a bit, they'd probably do well.

    Best regards
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