• bugs in the screen

    From Oli@21:3/102 to All on Sun Jul 4 08:53:39 2021
    Yesterday I saw a tiny little bug on the PC monitor. 1 to 2 mm long, fraction of a millimeter wide. I squeezed it. Then I saw more bugs. Unsqueezable! They moved behind the glass and also looked pixelated. Is this a virus on my Ubuntu box? I remember the animated GIFs in web forums with a little fly walking around. These bugs look more like graphical virtual bugs than real ones. Until one went to the left of the screen and walked out between the screen and the bezel.


    I hope they find their way out or starve to death soon (without getting stuck forever behind the glass). Wikipedia says they live for around 45 days. No idea if they came on through the window (it was open the whole day) or if I brought them in from the garden. Yesterday I was removing nettles and the ground was covered with old branches. Nature sucks ;)

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