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    From Mike Dippel@21:4/173 to All on Wed Dec 1 23:12:23 2021
    Does anyone remember Jerry Baker, the Master Gardener? He was originally a police officer in Detroit, MI. When he left the force, he would appear on a local Detroit TV station to give gardening tips.

    Most of his tips involved using a hose end sprayer to make your lawn healthier. You can dethatch your lawn by mixing beer in the sprayer. You can give your bushes a 'spring tonic' by mixing ammonia (I think it was ammonia) It adds nitrogen. He talked about using true golf spikes while mowing the lawn because it aerates the lawn. He talked about mixing grass seed into the bag of black dirt to spread across areas of the lawn to fill in any ruts.

    My wife and moved from Detroit in 1981 and saw him at a local K-Mart as their representative. Having been a Detroit police officer myself, I was very proud of him.

    Mike Dippel
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    On 01 Dec 2021, Mike Dippel said the following...

    Does anyone remember Jerry Baker, the Master Gardener? He was

    Yep, dishsoap, tobacco juice, ammonia, all kinds of things went into that hose end sprayer!

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