• New Echomail Areas

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Tue May 25 22:43:15 2021
    Hi all



    Added several new echomail areas to fsxNet today!

    FSX_GAMING Games/Gaming Chat
    FSX_SPACE Space/Astronomy Chat
    FSX_SPORTS Sports Chat (All Codes)
    FSX_RETRO Retro Computing/Tech Chat
    FSX_TRANSPORT Transportation Chat (All Modes)
    FSX_VIDEO Movies/TV/Streaming Chat
    FSX_MUSIC Music Chat (Artists,Songs Etc)
    FSX_DIY D.I.Y Chat, Tips + Tricks
    FSX_FOOD Food + Cooking Chat
    FSX_GARDENING Gardening Chat
    FSX_ARTS Arts + Artistic Chat

    More details about these echos can be found in fsxnet.txt




    FSX_GAMING - Anything gaming related is on-topic here. From electronic to
    board games, action, adventure and role-playing, to simulations,
    strategy, sports and puzzles. This forum covers everything gaming
    related including MUDs, first-person shooters, real-time strategy,
    massively multiplayer online games, console wars, hints, tips and
    tricks and more.

    FSX_SPACE - If it's space or astronomy related you've come to the right
    place. Topics include space industry activities (SpaceX, NASA, Blue
    Origin, Rocket Labs etc.) discussions about satellites,
    interplanetary missions, the science of space travel and more.

    FSX_SPORTS - Do you like sport? Some of us play it while the rest of us surf
    the TV to watch it. No matter how you do sport, any discussion about
    it is on topic here. From Baseball to Basketball, Cricket to Golf,
    Diving to Darts, Hunting, Fishing, Tennis, Motorsport and even
    Dodgeball... talking sport just got easier. Just remember those 5Ds
    - dodge, duck, dip, dive and...??

    FSX_RETRO - Retro computing and any old tech discussions. From early computer
    hardware and software, calculators, watches and more. if you have
    collected it, use it, need it fixed tell us about it here.

    FSX_TRANSPORT - Petrol, diesel, electric, human powered - if it gets you from
    A to B let's chat about it here. From cars and trains to boats,planes
    and bikes, fsxNet Transport will get you there.

    FSX_VIDEO - Watched a good movie? Seen an awesome TV show? Found a cool
    series on Disney+, Netflix etc? If it's something you've seen orwish
    you could, or you just want to tell others to check it out - share
    your thoughts here. Reviews are welcome. Please preface posts
    containing spoilers with [spoilers] in your subject heading.

    FSX_MUSIC - This forum covers anything to do with music. From the instruments
    performers play to the artists and bands they play in. All formats,
    genres and eras are welcome.

    FSX_DIY - Who needs a professional when you can do it yourself! Discussions
    about all things DIY and how best to do them are welcome. At the end
    we want you to come home and find your significant other still
    smiling :)

    FSX_FOOD - Food glorious food! Share your favourite recipes, cooking tips and
    tricks etc.

    FSX_GARDENING - Covering everything from indoor houseplants to outdoor
    vegetable plots. If you have green thumb or the secret to a
    successful lawn, we need you here now!

    FSX_ARTS - Painting, photography, drawing, modelling, wood turning,
    sculpturing, ANSI/ASCII art etc. If you have an artistic streak
    share it with others and/or get help here.


    I've created an initial post in each echomail area and linked NET 1 nodes to the new echos along with sending these posts to the NET 2,3,4,5 HUBs

    If you are in NET 2,3,4,5 look for these new echomail areas to link to if your HUB admin has not already beaten you to it :)

    I will hatch out an updated infopack with revised FSXNET.NA file in the
    coming few days. I plan to update the website and other areas over the coming days.

    Best, Paul

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