• privacy in echos

    From Ogg@21:4/106.21 to Warpslide on Sun May 9 10:49:00 2021
    Hello Warpslide!

    ** On Sunday 09.05.21 - 07:09, Warpslide wrote to Al:

    We can provide echo areas and netmail, but not privacy.
    Not today.

    One way to do it might be to have echos using gpg/pgp.

    It's easy to define a group in gpg:

    edit gpg.conf
    add the following line at the end of the file

    group fsx_net = fingerprint1 fingerprint2 fingerprints

    Then, create the message blocks using the group name.

    And lets assume for a moment we have such an echo
    available, and it's configured correctly on every system.
    What do we talk about there? I'm not sure what I type on
    my keyboard varies that much based on if the channel is
    encrypted, except perhaps if I'm entering a credit card

    The content doesn't matter. What matters is that access to an
    echo is controlled by its members.

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