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    From Avon@21:1/101 to Al on Sat Oct 10 21:03:30 2020
    On 09 Oct 2020 at 06:22p, Al pondered and said...

    In the case of linux you can grab binkd from your package manager in
    some cases like debian, or build your own.

    Any tips on how to build it or things I need to install first?

    On linux I always build my own, it's fairly simple. I use the cvs instructions posted weekly in the BINKD area and I think there is also a github page to grab the source.

    If you try that and get stuck just hollar and I'll be glad to help.

    It does not seem as easy as I had hoped.

    I found the binkd FAQ to be confusing. Having never used CVS I am unsure if I need to install something first, and which of many lines stated I need to
    run, yet alone how to build it afterwards. I am new to this so I guess that's why.

    I found a number of the sites that stated they had binkd files were quite dated, then there were a ton of 2020-ish files all for windows and os2

    A github link didn't look that fresh either, I guess there may be some other git site I can clone then build from?

    Going to bed now... head hurts :)

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  • From Avon@21:1/101 to Oli on Sun Oct 11 10:04:20 2020
    On 10 Oct 2020 at 09:46a, Oli pondered and said...

    sudo apt install zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev libperl-dev

    ../configure --with-aso --with-perl --with-zlib --with-bzip2 --with-proxy

    OK did this and also it's compiled.

    I'm not sure about the next bit.

    Binkd is successfully compiled.

    If you want to install Binkd files into /usr/local
    1. Run `make -n install' to be sure this makefile will
    do not something criminal during the installation;
    2. `su' to root;
    3. Run `make install' to install Binkd.
    4. Edit /usr/local/etc/binkd.conf-dist and RENAME it or
    MOVE it somewhere (so another `make install' will
    not overwrite it during your next Binkd upgrade)

    If you want to put the files into some other directory just
    run `configure --prefix=/another/path' and go to step 1.

    I want to have all my binkd files in a dir like /hub/binkd

    What's the best way to run the steps above (install stage?) so I can get the installer to put the files where I want them

    would I just re-run ./configure with all your switches and add --prefix=/hub/binkd as well then run 'make' and then ??

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