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    From Avon@21:1/101 to Oli on Sat Oct 10 13:37:18 2020
    On 09 Oct 2020 at 09:07a, Oli pondered and said...

    I could set up a CNAME to that if you want, I was thinking we establis some naming convention in the fsxnet.nz domain space for HUBs and prom those addresses to nodes... something like net3.fsxnet.nz or similar.. what do you think?

    Would it make things easier or more reliable? Isn't it just an
    additional layer
    and potential point of failure? What about SRV records?

    Well good question. I'm coming at this from the POV that it's standardizing
    the information we can give new nodes such that if they are polling fsxNet
    NET 1 instead of polling agency.bbs.nz they use net1.fsxnet.nz and certainly cosmetically and perhaps more intuitively seems a better thing to be typing
    in to the domain field.

    Where we have HUBs that don't have static IPv4 or IPv6 addresses then the option to have a CNAME seemed like a way to offer a standardized fsxNet
    net domain name to poll without needing to know it's error404 or leenooks

    SRV records I know little of but if there's a good way to use them I'm all
    ears :)

    But what do I care, I'm connecting to the .onion address over Tor anyway

    indeed :) I'm not sure if there's a need for me to do any DNS stuff in the fsxnet.nz domain space for this that would help? If there is, lemme know.

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