• RE: Why?

    From apam@21:1/126 to Oli on Sat Apr 4 17:35:22 2020
    I really don't understand why we need to run a network wide test
    (upgrade all hubs to the broken version) to confirm a bug that is
    already known. It's a bit frustrating to be honest.

    I guess the idea is to get everyone on the same page in understanding
    the problem, though testing the 256 char limit for a line is kind of
    pointless from mystic given that it seems to wrap or truncate depending
    on the editor or mutil. Still, at least they now know that mystic is
    still broken in that regard.

    I'm guessing from the recent upgrades things are still moving forward,
    though given recent events I'm not really holding my breath for a fix.

    I guess the best fix for now is to press enter before you reach 80 chars
    of text. While it may be frustrating, given that this is primarily a
    mystic run network (which we knew when we joined) I guess we have to
    make do.


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