• NET 1 + NET 2 SSL Polling

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Sat Mar 14 21:23:54 2020
    Using v1.12 A46 Windows/32 Compiled 2020/03/12 04:19:30

    NET 1 and 4 have been polling each other using BinkP SSL without issues (at least as far as we can tell :) for a number of days now.

    Tonight I have set NET 1 and NET 2 to start using BinkP SSL both ways between those two HUBs also.

    Hopefully all will be well there too. NET 2 is using the Windows/64 build.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/03/12 (Windows/32)
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