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    So I have this other BBS system I want to try to get working with FTN based networks. Only problem is it does not handle FTN style messaging
    at all. It does, however, handle Newsgroups. So I was thinking - is
    there a easy way to convert any FTN based messaging to news-style messaging for import to this BBS system and then back again for export?

    You could try using Synchronet as a message gateway, since it speaks
    both FTN and NNTP.

    What BBS system is it? Perhaps I could run some experiments here, as I have Synchronet setup?

    For that matter, he could find a FIDO BBS that has NNTP that would be
    willing to feed his NNTP-only system, so long as the NC of the network in question does not mind. IIRC, I think that one FTN network I am on (Micronet) allows for NNTP feeds.

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